MEDAS GmbH is an enginering consultancy from Germany focused on strategy technology & transformation in the areas of Industrial Noise Control & Acoutics, Silencers, Emissions control & On-Site Industrial Services

We are driven to do what's right and help you realize your vision. We believe in generating success collaboratively, working with your team and making your organization stronger after every engagement, and building trust for the next big challenge.

Capability Offerings




Bypass Systems



Industrial Acoustics & Noise Control

Customized acoustic measurements and consultancy services – Latest measurement technology and software combined with decades of acoustic experience enables us to solve clients noise problems at its best.

Burgess manning silencers

Industrial silencers are at the core of MEDAS’s acoustic expertise, we represent European technology via Burgess Manning which enjoys a history of several decades. MEDAS’s principal brand silencers are best suited to the prevention or reduction of noise from fixed installations, as opposed to mobile (over-the-road) applications.

Acoustic Enclosures

Fully customized, stable, long-life design, ease of dismantling and high acoustic efficiency

Gas Turbine Exhaust & Damper systems

Whether a problem can be solved from our standard products line or requires a custom solution, our technical principals take control from design to installation, even for complex turn-key retrofit projects.

Selective Catalytic Reduction

Our SCR designs are engineered to optimize efficiency, performance and reliability, while meeting stringent energy standards. They are adaptable for a wide range of temperatures, exhaust flow conditions, and various types of fuel.

Analyze Architect Co-Create

Learn from your data, create incredible digital experiences, and make the most of new tech.

The Functional Ecosystem

Principal Partnerships

MEDAS operates a much diversified technology partnership network program that is based on reliability, market dynamics and customer requirements

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Access specialized expertise

This allows you to focus on your core competencies while leveraging the expertise of our partners.
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Increased innovation

Helps us combine the knowledge and expertise to develop new products, services, and technologies that may not have been possible otherwise.
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Cost savings

Leverage our partners' expertise and access to knowledge and technology that may not be available in-house.
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Risk reduction

Diversify and mitigate financial or operational risks by working with our partners who operate in different geographic regions.

MEDAS Digital

A few years ago, we began building engineering hubs across Germany, E.Europe & India to co-create modern technology with our clients in real time. Now, we learn from your data, create incredible digital experiences, or make the most of new tech. We blend design, engineering, and analytics expertise to help you build the future.


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